Look for retailer locations and our Flagship stores near you. ZIWI Peak is the top-rated natural diet for dogs and cats, manufactured in New Zealand from NZ-sourced ethically-farmed ingredients, in line with the ancestral diet … Depending on the size and flavor that you choose, it will cost you $21.57-$138.56. VIEW. Crafted to match your dog’s biological needs, these simple wet recipes feature 1-2 protein sources. Which, in today’s world, is rather unexpected! They also offer dog treats that cost between $8 and $12 per 3-ounce bag. Ziwi Provenance Dog Food - ZPP113 Hauraki Plains Air-Dried 1.8kg S$ 160.00 Explore the ZIWI® pet food range below. That’s why our dog food recipes feature high inclusions of meat, organs, and seafood in PeakPrey™ ratios ─ with added superfoods, for a nutritional boost. Our Story . ZIWI Peak Grain-Free Venison Canned Dog Food 12 x 13.75oz $159.99. Every ZIWI Peak recipe is free from high glycemic ingredients, artificial preservatives, and … Air-Dried Cat Food. If you want to save money on this brand, look for printable Ziwipeak dog food … Find Only Natural Pet's holistic and natural pet supplies for dogs & cats nationwide! Find the best natural foods, supplements, treats and more. Air-Dried Dog Food. Our Recipes . The dog’s natural diet is rich in moisture with high inclusions of meat, organs and bone. Kiwi Kitchens delivers high quality 100% NEW ZEALAND sourced protein, less carbohydrate and more omega 3's to pets in the most natural way possible. From grass-fed meats, free-range poultry to sustainable seafood, 100% of our meats are ethically sourced from New Zealand under strict government regulatory standards. Peakprey™ Recipes. Crafted in a wide variety of recipes, without high glycemic ingredients or artificial binders, ZIWI Peak canned dog food is perfect to fuel all of your dog’s tail-wagging adventures. Wet Dog Food. Ethical & Sustainable Ingredients. With a pledge that all of their foods are “carefully crafted to mirror the whole-prey meat-rich, diet that dogs & cats require for a long, happy, healthy life,” Ziwi … Handcrafted air-dried recipes with high inclusions of meat, seafood, organs, and bone in whole-prey ratios. Stay in touch and keep up to date with the latest ZIWI® Peak news. About Ziwi Dog Food. Available now: ZIWI Peak Provenance Series. What’s not in our recipes is just as important as what is. View all Dog. For 13-ounce cans of wet food you can expect to spend between $4.15 and $6.50 each, depending on the recipe. That’s why every ZIWI Peak wet dog food recipe features up to 97% meat, organs, seafood and bone—all ethically and sustainably sourced from New Zealand. Perfect for all breeds and life stages, especially selective or food sensitive dogs. Available now: ZIWI Peak Provenance Series. ZiwiPeak Dog Food (1 - 10 of 10 results) ZiwiPeak Wet Food Premium Food Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Food. The plant-based ingredients included are inulin from chicory, dried kelp, and parsley. Page. Our Food Philosophy. Whole-prey recipes rich in meat and gently air-dried to lock in nature’s goodness. Gently air‑dried. View as Grid List. Read ratings and reviews so you can find the right ZiwiPeak Wet Dog Food for your pet. ZIWI Peak Grain-Free Lamb Canned Dog Food 12 x 13.75oz $98.28. Shop Chewy for the best deals on ZiwiPeak Wet Dog Food and more with fast free shipping, low prices, and award-winning customer service. When it comes to fulfilling the lives of dogs, cats and pet parents we think of happiness, joy and delivering what’s expected. Designed to deliver peak nutrition, our recipes feature 96% meat, seafood, organs and bone in authentic inclusions and whole-prey ratios to mirror the natural diet. Ziwi is a New Zealand based company that makes use of a unique, air-dried method of preparing its food in order to create a more natural meal for your pet. You can purchase 1-, 2.2- ,5.5- or 8.8-pound bags of Ziwi Peak dog food on Amazon. Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Mackerel & Lamb Dog Food is free from corn, wheat, soy, potatoes, legumes, or rice. Crafted for peak nutrition, with high inclusions of meat, organs, and seafood in authentic PeakPrey™ ratios – with added superfoods for a nutritional boost. A delicious topper or complete meal, offering the ultimate nutrition for your dog. Numerous dog parents purchase Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Mackerel & Lamb Dog Food because it is packed with high quality, nutritious ingredients.
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