Something that took almost five decades to achieve. Dan, an experienced and proven angular, tried his luck one cold winter day. Date: July 2, 2009 *Manabu Kurita officially tied Perry’s record from 1932 but his fish did not weigh 2 ounces more than Perry’s so it did not officially beat it. Electric Fish Scaler Although some of the best bass fishing tackle hails from Japan—Shimano, Gamakatsu, and Daiwa to name a few—the country isn’t usually thought of as a monster bass hotspot. To break the world’s record could be only a dream, but breaking any big bass record is an adventure worth chasing. Putting down a live crayfish to the near bottom of Castaic Lake, he landed a trophy winner. 7.6k Shares. Not quite a new world record, the girth, and weight make it a record fish. … Since largemouth bass are non-native, the Japanese government considers them a nuisance, actively carrying out plans to exterminate the species. Will it ever get beaten? After some success, he thought just one more cast. 11 lb 15 oz | Jul 1955 | Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee, USA. Meanwhile, in the United States, the legend of the original monster still overshadows all. Luckily, Mr. Perry was told about a big fish contest that Field & Stream magazine was running. Cody wanted to get some quality fishing time in before his school day even started. When a vengeful dock worker reported that motor parts were put into the fish to make it weigh heavier, his title was initially revoked. It’s not a pretty job but someone has to do it. Crupi proved that changing bait can produce a record catches as his fish munched down on a herring jig., 5 Best Breweries to Visit When Fishing in Bozeman, MT, Baitshop Life’s Bait Shop of the Month for November 2020, Baitshop Life’s Bait Shop of the Month for October 2020, Baitshop Life’s Fishing Product of the Month for November 2020, January’s Beauty of the Month, Baitshop Life’s Fishing Product of the Month for October 2020, The Best Places to Catch Huge Peacock Bass. Trolling For Bass: Does it Work? Instead, he ties George for the winning World Record. Weighing 22 pounds, 5 ounces, the bass actually surpasses Mr. Perry’s 1932 record bass, but IGFA regulations require that the new record outweighs the current record by more than two ounces. Technically, Mr. Perry’s bass is still the world record holder. Kurita caught his record bass in Lake Biwa, and the catch was confirmed as legitimate through a polygraph test. The legend named Geoge Perry caught a 22 pound 4-ounce largemouth bass in June 1932. So for official record purposes, the catch is considered a tie. The documented rules require any fish less than 25 pounds to be at least 2 ounces more than the current record holder. At that time, world records for fish didn't exist. That world record has held up for 8 decades! For many of us, largemouth bass fishing goes well beyond a casual past time. 19 lbs | Jan 1989 | Castaic Lake, California. Some people are just born fishy…. Greg fondly recalls fighting with his 81lb monster, even earning some bruised ribs during the battle. In 2009, however, a Japanese angler stamped his name in the books alongside Perry’s with a mega-bass of his own. A little custom minnow fly was all it took to attract a big largemouth, weighing over 16 pounds. 22 lbs | Mar 1991 | Castaic Lake, California. Bass fishing has evolved to become a big business. Largemouth bass and other species of the bass family can reach more than generous sizes for freshwater fish. He entered the fish, and although he had no photograph to accompany the submission, the measurements and weight of his remarkable fish were enough to win the contest. See what it takes for your name to get added to the chart below. The reliability of how this fish got documented is another reason why this record stands. In 2009, his technique paid off while working his style on Castaic Lagoon. Your Bass Guy is dedicated to Virgil and it is our hope that it spreads the love he had for bass fishing to others, so they can find as much joy in it as he did. Crupi, now a retired LA policeman, has been a regular on Lake Castaic since 1977. The fish won him the prize, but also secured his place in bass anglers history books to this day! Mr. Perry certainly wasn’t a sport angler by today’s definition, … Unfortunately for Mr. Manabu Kurita, the IGFA rules are quite detailed and strict. For 77 years, anglers chased after this big bass world record yet, as happy as Manabu Kurita was to catch a record largemouth bass, it would not break the world record. We know George was a farmworker. When it came time to fill the largemouth bass record, they entered Mr. Perry’s contest-winning fish. If it is not IGFA, your record can be tainted and suspect. Coincidentally, Mr. Perry won the same big fish contest again that year with a 13 pound 14-ounce bass. George learned about a Field and Stream contest currently in process. Terry caught his certified winner by using the common rubber worm. It was the biggest bass they’ve ever heard of by a long shot. Robert Crupi began his hot streak of largemouth bass catches in 1990. Crupi's first world record largemouth would be the fish of a lifetime for any other angler a 21-pound lunker that he pulled from the renowned Castaic Lake in Southern California on March 9, 1990. For pro or amateur alike, it is a source of genuine pride. Larry liked using fly tackle. 81 lb 14 oz | Aug 2011 | Long Island Sound, Westbrook, Connecticut, USA. It’s a passion! His story is not without drama. The previous bass fishing record had been standing since 1932 when George Perry caught a 22-pound, 4-ounce … This giant was the 3rd biggest largemouth recorded by the IGFA. This whopper put southern California on the map as a hot spot for record-breaking largemouths.
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