That’s why founder Leo Peters made sure to retain the rights to the Butterball name when he sold the turkey patents. Who owns Butterball Turkey Corp? The obvious Butterball, LLC provides food products. As proud turkey lovers, Butterball seems to relish its fame in the poultry world. The idea of eating a whole ball of butter doesn’t seem unappealing to many Americans, and perhaps that’s how the entire Butterball turkey concept … Turkey Products Quick & Easy Turkey Whole Turkey Roast Turkey Easy Fresh Naturally Inspired Turkey Recipes Turkey Calculator Product Locator Butterball Turkey Blog Videos FAQ Animal Care Foodservice Sustainability Butterball is not a specific breed of turkey, but rather a business investment, as so much of American cuisine is. But there are some underground facts about the brand that even the most loyal turkey enthusiasts might not know. Asked by Wiki User 13 14 15 Answer Top Answer Wiki User Answered 2011-02-14 08:39:40 2011-02-14 08:39:40 Butterball Turkey Corp. is owned by ConAgra 0 … One share of Seaboard (), the food conglomerate with a 50% stake in Butterball, costs about $3,560. Seaboard, a Kansas-based company that owns a stake in Butterball turkeys, is being investigated by the Justice Department as part of a broader … Canada’s Butterball maker acquired by Quebec food firm A turkey processing plant in Hanover, Ont., and a joint venture interest in an Arthur, Ont. Get ready to gobble some serious turkey intel. This is the untold truth of Butterball. The Company offers a wide variety of healthy turkey products including burgers, smoked sausage, bacon, and deli meats for every day meals. If you’re getting ready to gobble up turkey this Thanksgiving, you may want to think about what it stands for. Privately held Maxwell Farms owns the rest of Butterball… Butterball ® Farms began over sixty years ago and developed a great reputation as a company. In fact, there is no actual butter in or on a Butterball turkey.
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