Classic aviators have inspired newer, bolder shapes that are starting to revamp outfits everywhere. While Clubmaster men’s sunglasses may be all over the place, you’ll have your own unique version of the frames to ensure you don’t look like everyone else and his brother. Make them Givenchy and you'll have a trusty pair that'll also elevate any winter look. This Christian Dior pair with a citrus-hue lens is a nice throwback to the 1980s era of the iconic label. Bright horn-rimmed sunglasses don’t just hide tired eyes. For shades that make a statement, this distinctive style definitely speaks for itself. These found fame thanks to Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair and have been a timeless men's classic ever since. Ski trips may be off the table right now, but that's not to say you can't bring those black slope aesthetics to Blighty. They serve up a more upscale look, and they’re made for hiding in NYC in plain sight. That makes wearing these sunglasses an act of simple rebellion against unnecessary opulence. Most notable is that detachable grained leather nose bridge – pure class. Here, to guide you through the jungle of competing eyewear brands, we've rounded up a selection of the very best men's sunglasses for various face shapes, all of which boast a style that transcends the beach alone. The No-Lita sunglasses give you a thicker, acetate frame with accents at the top corners where the frame arms meet the front. Time to turn your new specs into an essential backbone piece of your wardrobe! £230. £375. At End. Aviator sunglasses never go out of style because they never leave the fashion scene. £45. At, We all know Ray-Ban has made some of the most iconic sunglasses in eyewear history, but that doesn't mean they aren't always adding new shapes to keep on-trend. £290. The best thing about them? As a general rule, always consider face shape. From Ray-Ban to Gucci. Grab a pair and set yourself up for summer. Half metal, half celluloid acetate in a glossy finish, these bad boys work their magic in matte colors. The look is new, again! £10., Finlay & Co shot to attention when Meghan Markle wore a pair of the brand's sunglasses at her debut appearance with Prince Harry. That's largely down to the gold/nicotine hue that adorns both its frames and lenses. After its initial design in 1952, the Wayfarer quickly endeared itself to Hollywood filmmakers, musicians and artists, solidifying its iconic style status for years to come. In addition to the usual stock of aviators and wayfarers, with their timeless appeal, a couple of additional noteworthy eyewear trends to be aware of right now is that for the oversized, overtly chic and feminine, and also that for futuristic wrap-around styles (epitomised by everyone from Marks & Spencer to Balenciaga) – both very much 1990s- and 2000s-inspired. At Sunglass Hut. The double-wire bridge is more than just intriguing. The best thing? £407. These high-street Vint & York shades are all between $129 and $199. Cutting edge. £89. When wearing the steampunk inspired metallic finishes, there’s no need to add on any extra bling. You can’t go wrong by choosing aviators. You’ll get some snazzy pix donning these glasses, which you can endlessly boast on Instagram. We’re out here trying to meld the two and, in doing so, present to you the Bulgari Octo sunglasses in gunmetal steel. Coolest Trends & Best Sunglasses for Men. It also does stylish frames for men, as visitors to its newly opened store will attest. At, Purveyors of luxury eyewear since 1875, when its first practice opened in London, EB Meyrowitz continues to make sunglasses steeped in timeless elegance. That said, you should never discount them – every now and then they produce an excellent value gem for your wardrobe. The one-piece lens give them a uniformity of design that’s neither overwrought nor boring: a well-balanced pair of holiday shades. This adjustment ensures they pay homage to the classic aviator shape while giving them a new twist that’s all their own. © 2020, VINT & YORK. Shop GQ's pick of the season’s best sunglasses for men. Following a trend can be fun, but it can become dated after some time. Glasses frames for men 2021: Stylish options Golden Aviators in mens sunglasses 2021. £131. Men enjoy the slim lines and lightweight feel of metal frames, which are even slimmer and more lightweight than acetate frames. Classic aviators with gold frames are in glasses frames for men 2021 trend. £127. These Bowery beauties. They prefer to stay under the radar. These Asos shades are the perfect injection of colour for the cooler days ahead. And just imagine the pic potential for Instagram! The following style is set to be a big one for the summer. D-shape sunglasses are identified by their angular, oversized look. Inspired by steampunk goggles, their cool factor comes from a slim frame silhouette. Keeping it new and fresh is something Vint & York did with its Old School sunglasses for men. At, Back in the summer of 2020, Oliver Peoples launched the second incarnation of its collaboration with the Cary Grant Estate, an evolution of the first-ever authorised collaboration with the estate which highlights the icon’s era-defining aesthetics. These bad boys aren’t about unwanted attention. Though many shades in this style hark back to times past (see Brad Pitt's in Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood), not all rely on an oversized retro vibes. As one of the coolest men’s sunglasses around, this trend will give you the stainless-steel-meets-plastic look that your personality craves. £315. £219. £359.99. These sunglasses borrow their name from the Little Italy area of NYC’s Manhattan. These super-stylish shades feature an embellished shield, meaning they look just as good from the side as they do from the front. The No-Lita designer sunglasses provide a medium fit. At Selfridges. At, Wallet-friendly Parisian sunglasses brand Izipizi knows all too well the struggle of squinting through a GQ cover story on the beach, which is why these double as a pair of magnified reading glasses, all without compromising style and with a chic curvature and tortoiseshell effect. The subtle tint in the lens means that should the clouds block the sun, you won't be left in the dark, so your put-together ice queen look needn't be compromised. The Latest Eyewear Trends: What Are The Most Popular Fashion Frames of 2020? £900. They are made from a metal structure and infused with retro round lenses and a slick clip-on. This season golden rims are in mens sunglasses 2021 fashion … These men’s sunglasses are designed for a rounder or bigger face, as they are rather large square sunglasses. This gives you different looks and functions in a single, high-quality pair of glasses. The look is not only timeless, but it’s totally hipster. The Charleston serves up a medium-to-wide fit. Voila!, Ever wondered where footballers and rappers buy their sunglasses? The fact that a diamond-shaped frame is not the most conventional is exactly what makes these so brilliant and the mirrored yellow-pink iridescence of their lenses makes them look just as precious as the real thing. £355. For example, is camouflage still trendy or just a “battle reenactment” prop for sad old men? This pair of sunglasses has a bolder look than the traditional Clubmaster frames. Make sure to do them justice with a proper outfit. You get the best of both styles: aviator shape and square frames. Finished with branded lettering that runs down the metal trim, alongside bolt-studs on its arms, you'd be hard pushed to find a pair more worthy of a big investment. £315. Hamilton Remes’ sunglasses brand has been producing novel takes on classics for 15 years and we’re particularly fond of the extra coverage the side cap lenses on this metal pair afford. As for color, tortoiseshell sunglasses for men will dominate this year’s trends. £209.90., Thanks to their angular edges, these Viu shades are an excellent choice with those who naturally have softer faces or a rounder shape. The brilliant white colour is a great way to add an element of fashion to any outfit, without having to think too hard about it. So take a look then take your pic! £348. At, M&S probably isn't the first place that springs to mind when you think about sunglasses, especially this sporty kind of style. Tortoiseshell & Horn-Rimmed Sunglasses., The iconic Clubmaster sits at the forefront of Ray-Ban's catalogue of sunglasses, along with the other classics that have made our edit. They’re perfect for triangle shaped faces with defined jawlines. The best sunglasses for men, including our favourite shades from Oakley, Ray-Ban, Persol, Gucci and more. Oliver Peoples is well-known for its luxury fashion brand of men’s sunglasses. The most recent evolution of these sunglasses for men is the size. The Swag’s double-bar bridge and metal accent add a touch flair of refinement that says you mean business. Credit cards at the ready. Pile that on top of the breadth of choice in lens strengths, colours and polarisation (glare protection) options and it can all become rather baffling. They are just as relevant as they’ve always been. The Best Men’s Glasses Fashion Styles of 2020: What Are the Coolest Types of Frames?
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