All Rights Reserved. Pain management nurses work as members of multidisciplinary teams to help patients who suffer from chronic pain maximize their quality of life. Nurse Practitioners & Nurse Anesthetists earn an average of $107,460 per year $51.67 per hour. Pain management nurses provide care to patients enrolled in palliative and hospice care programs. Pain management nurses conduct educational programs which demonstrate the use of conventional and complementary healing techniques which help to relieve pain. The need for pain management nursing specialists is expected to grow. Pain management nurses help to allay fears regarding pain and the use of medications used in the treatment of sever pain. There is no salary information specific to Pain Management Nurses on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. The nurse will then report everything back to the managing doctor to determine the best course of action or if they should stay on the present course. Pain management nurses work in many types of work settings. Chronic pain is a pain that lingers for a long period of time. Pain management nurses work in a variety of healthcare settings. Nurse Practitioners & Nurse Anesthetists earn an average of $107,460 per year A pain management nurse is specialized in helping these people cope with, and manage their pain so they can live normal, functional lives. They must posses an unrestricted active nursing license. All Rights Reserved. Concerns regarding quality of life issues due to pain are increasing as people live longer with chronic conditions. This, along with the projected 16% growth by 2024 for registered nurses, indicates a promising career opportunity for pain management nurses. The cause of chronic pain, on the other hand, may or may not be known, and … For information about certification, continuing education opportunities, and employment for pain management nurses visit the following websites: American Society for Pain Management Nursing at, American Nurses Credentialing Center at, Patricia has been a Registered Nurse for almost forty years in a wide variety of settings. Pain management nurses also care for patients who are suffering from both acute and chronic pain. Chronic illnesses are increasing as the population ages. The pain management nurse also needs to monitor for pain medication addiction which is common in patients with chronic pain. Pain management nurses must be registered nurses with a minimum of two years of full time professional experience. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP), Radiology Nurse/Certified Radiology Nurse (CRN), Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN). Fifteen of those hours must be in the field of pain management. Dec 1, 2017 | Nursing Careers, Nursing Jobs, Salary. Pain management nurses are registered nurses who specialize in pain management techniques. People are living longer due to advances in medical treatment. Because there are so many different potential medical areas that a pain management specialist can be valuable in, those who earn the certification can choose to work in a wide variety of different settings. $51.67 per hour. Nursing of all types is proving to be one of the fastest growing careers. Pain management nurses may work with patients experiencing chronic pain due to injury or disease. Pain management nurses receive specialized education addressing identification of pain, uses of medications, physiological and psychological effects of pain and non pharmaceutical interventions which relieve pain. They may be employed in outpatient pain or physical therapy settings. Employment opportunities exist for pain management nurses in acute and long term health care facilities. They are also in charge of administering medications or other types of alternative healing remedies. This article explores the primary duties of a pain management nurse, as well as the typical salary they receive. Salaries for pain management nurses range from seventy five to one hundred thousand dollars annually. Pain management nurses educate patients and staff about safe and effectives methods of pain control. The occupational outlook for registered nurses in general is excellent. Nurse Practitioners job outlook between now and 2026 is expected to grow by 31%!
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