Get the word out about the book. Sell more books. There’s information that’s objectively junk—like who your ex-girlfriend is currently dating, according to her Facebook profile, or what new skin-care regimen January Jones adopted during the quarantine. Since that conversation about my digital morning rotation, I significantly cut back on what I consume. The “hot takes” under clickbait headlines. Legal Assistant Lydia Ruiz-Hom Every morning, I’d check Instagram, Facebook, my favorite news website, and my favorite sports website—before I even had my morning coffee. The secret to getting your first 10,000 followers on Instagram. Step 1: Write a book. Instead, master the principle behind them. The clickbait title might change, but the underlying idea is the same: If you adopt this one tactic—if you follow the formula in this article—you’ll get the … The op-eds masquerading as unbiased reports designed to inflame our emotions. What’s more, when you copy the “proven” tactics of others, you end up basing your decision only on success stories. I spent several, deeply unproductive days wishing that the universe had dealt me a better hand. Get a free copy of The Contrarian Handbook and a weekly email with 1 big idea you can read in 3 minutes or less. Information is like food. Before I digest any piece of information, I ask myself—as Marie Kondo might with a pair of socks—does this spark joy? Get a free copy of the Contrarian Handbook and weekly strategies to innovate your thinking. YOU ARE A CONTRARIAN, AND THIS IS YOUR TRIBE. Once I identified the principle, I could zoom out of a flawed tactic and see other possibilities lurking in plain sight. Get a free copy of The Contrarian Handbook (PDF and audio) and weekly strategies to innovate your thinking. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Does this add meaning to my life? I was copying their tactics. He learned English as a second language and moved to the United States by himself at … But those epiphanies remain buried underneath a pile of junk clothes we’ll never wear again. The 3-step formula for making $20,000/month. YOU ARE A CONTRARIAN, AND THIS IS YOUR TRIBE. 71 Likes, 2 Comments - Ozan Varol (@ozanvarol) on Instagram: “Climbing up the steep path that Friedrich Nietzsche walked every day during his stay here in the…” This was my version of the failproof 3-step formula that ended up failing spectacularly. 1,595 Followers, 924 Following, 89 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ozan Varol (@varolozan) I’m definitely not the sort of person who has a “digital morning rotation,” I was about to blurt out indignantly. Adopt this morning routine to skyrocket your productivity. Here’s the thing: We’re all walking repositories of epiphanies hidden in our subconscious. Get a free copy of the Contrarian Handbook and weekly strategies to innovate your thinking. A native of Istanbul, Turkey, Ozan Varol grew up in a family of no English speakers. We’ve all seen them before. Lewis & Clark Law School 10101 S. Terwilliger Boulevard MSC 51 Portland OR 97219 USA I had planned a book tour because that’s what other authors did—not because it was the most effective way to promote my book. Unless, that is, a pandemic shuts down all travel confining the author to his home. I did, in fact, have a digital morning rotation. My morning dose of notifications—delivered drip, drip, drip like an IV into my mind—would morph my brain into the shape of the latest political gossip, transfer rumors for my soccer team, and what everyone and their cousin chose to announce on Facebook and Instagram.
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