It will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and recharged. It's a gentle yoga class that will make your neck feel so very good once you're done. Yoga neck stretches will help you reverse the pain caused by tightness. The breath will help you expel the pain, and create space in your body. Practice tips: Sync your breath with your movement. Remember – the poses and stretches themselves are just as important as restructuring your posture when you use technical devices. The best way to relieve the pain from tech neck is to simply prevent it, but along the way, yoga can certainly help! A Healing Yoga Sequence to Ease Neck + Shoulder Pain We spend hours in front of our computers and phones, and the repetitive movement patterns can cause neck and shoulder strain. Rewire yourself to focus on your breath when the stretches begin to feel uncomfortable. This short beginners yoga class takes you through how to stretch all of the major muscle groups of the neck, including those that are commonly responsible for headaches. Practicing these yoga poses to relieve neck pain will help you find some relief from tech neck. This sequence will help.
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