We chose to follow the recommendation in The Abels by walking along the Curvier Valley instead of Mt. Clambering over them or even walking along them was somewhat risky as the wood would just disintegrate underfoot. I was very glad to get to our first high point. Both are graded “Hard” by The Abels. Your email address will not be published. Very ungracefully I wedged myself safely into the small channel of rock and regrouped. Hugel or Mt. We cautiously continued along the razor back ridge towards the northern summit. Alignment trait Seeing above ground rock (as opposed to the buried-under-scrub, roll-your-ankle-type rock) we both got a little excited. All the promise with none of the sweet stuff. With a 2.5 hour drive to the Lake St. Clair Visitors Centre, an 8 hour hike (possibly even longer) and then a 2.5 hour drive home we knew it would be a long day. In The Abels directions it sounds a easier but obviously the understorey has regrown since 1994. Othrys’ initial fortress was dense, healthy tea-tree. Although not perfect, a fall would probably at most resulted in a sprain or break. [6][8] These mountains were sometimes tall enough to touch other orbs' mountain peaks, as in the case of Mount Othrys. The next layer of defense that Mt. It was like the titans themselves just aimlessly threw rocks at the ground leaving them in random and sporadic patterns. Othrys. From this first high point we could spy the true summit and its tiny summit cairn. We were in need of an adventure and with it being the Summer Solstice we had lots of time to play in the mountains. Bliss, short lived bliss, for soon we would hit the next layer of defence Mt. Othrys is definitely a challenge! To the western side it was also a sheer drop but perhaps limb breaking, not death inducing. Divinely Which ridge exactly are you referring to? In Greek mythology it was from the fortress on Mt. The small summit cairn sat atop a pile of jagged and near-vertical boulders. I wasn’t keen on either of those options, so backtracked and went in search of an alternative, dropping off a small ledge on the eastern side of the mountain, I used scrub for hand holds to sidle around towards the north. We did have a friend recently who tried to access the ridgeline from the OLT (Lake St Clair side) but was constantly thwarted by thick scrub or cliffs. The forest was full of fallen trees that gave way under your feet without notice. Magic trait We decided on a path that would lead us up the shortest section of bush, in between the lower cliffs and hopefully the quickest ascent, avoiding the long scrubby ridgeline at the north. Carceri We were able to latch onto a well formed animal pad and without any difficulty reach the scrub line quickly. Compared to the other layers of Carceri, Othrys had few natural hazards. Every single step we took we had to gauge what was under out feet, as we would just crash down otherwise. Each of these villages had their own government and diplomatic relationships with other villages. She had proved although a small presence she has the guts and gusto of her neighbouring Mt. [11], Mount Olympus also connected to the layer close to the Titans' realm in Mount Othrys, but that route was usually avoided by travelers. We should have known that this mountain wouldn’t allow such easy passage! I guess those sterling views don’t come easily , Your email address will not be published. This was because the dry parts were often controlled by the Titans and people preferred the dangers of the swamp over the ones posed by the Titans. However, dry land existed in the form of mountains. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Even though the Curvier Valley Track doesn’t get the amount of foot traffic, nor the maintenance dollars that the OLT does it was easy to follow and in reasonable condition. Some of the crevices so deep that if you fell in there would be no way out except for professional rescue. The track continued along towards the button grass plains and was marked less frequently now. Distance: 21km out-and-back.Time taken: 8.5 hours return, including numerous stops to take photos, refill our water from creeks and film a beautiful tiger snake!Difficulty: Hard. He says there’s definitely a carton in it for its safe return… send us a message at benderandxing@gmail.com. They were often i… It reminded us of the button grass hell traversed to reach Recondite Knob. Just as our patience for falling through the ground and having our faces and arms scratched by forcing through the bush was wearing thin, we broke out into a beautiful but unfortunately very short lived pocket of almost rainforest-like canopy. However, dry land existed in the form of mountains. Ski poles holding orange or red reflector markers were helpful as the track became less distinct in some sections from here on in. The initial kilometre or so of the track was quite muddy and boggy in places, with disintegrated board walk but nothing that would stop one from proceeding. It was entirely overshadowed by the more eye-catching Mt. Even her razorback ridge extending to the south was beautiful in all its irregular sharpness. "It's so terrifying, that even Zeus' jaw dropped when he first saw Mount Othrys." Great Wheel Required fields are marked *. A few minutes walking through the alpine heath and we dropped down into the low lying moor with coral fern covering, alpine sedge and low level shrub. Do you summit via the ridgeline recently? The coral fern plains eventually gave way to our nemesis – button grass – and for the next few kilometres we were protesting its very existence. After walking less than an hour, the track led out into low alpine heath and we received our first glimpse of the day’s target – Mt. Mt. Stunning vistas of a crystal Lake St. Clair to our east with Mt. We left Launceston just on 5am and the weather looked promising. Interesting notes and lovely photos. The track was for the most part frequently marked with reflective markers and obvious enough to not even warrant the use of those. Othrys had. With no line of sight above us we were grateful for our compass bearing to keep us on track and avoid the cliffs which would not be visible again until we were on them. I took a bearing of a scree field above where we wanted to pop out of the bush and we started trekking east over the button grass to the mountain. A little investigation revealed that with Ben’s help and some degree of stretching and gripping on for dear life I could reach a spot below the summit cairn that would shelter me from both drops.
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