While you might not know how to enter the order set for the sepsis protocol, you do know the patho of sepsis, what labs should be on there, what complications and signs of deterioration you need to watch out for, and you know how to explain it to the patient and their loved ones. Neuro Wise - A Crash Course for New Neuro Nurses from FreshRN® is your one-stop ultimate resource and online course, crafted specifically for brand new neuro nurses. understanding of ICU nursing, a smoother orientation process, and The only refund requirements are: The refund must be requested and issued within 30 days of purchase (please allow 2-3 business days for refunds to be processed), less than 50% of the course must be completed, and the CE credit cannot be claimed. and issued within 30 days of purchase (please allow 2-3 business days code). Is there anything I can grab for you when I head back in?”. The COVID-19 Critical Care Crash Course (5C) is designed to provide basic knowledge and skills to successfully manage critically ill patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection in a critical care setting. We would never want you to be unhappy! in DKA, with multiple accesses, constant diarrhea, and a fem line (and extremely helpful in providing me with confidence and validation when All of which this content has undergone thorough editing by two additional nurses as well and has approved for continuing education credits. And through it all, they still look calm, cool, and collected. and packaged it in a way so that it's tangible, easy to digest and understand, and can be applied to your very next shift. You’ve read everything you can find online to try to prepare for this. All while comforting and connecting with the terrified and overwhelmed family members hiding in the corner. I’ve got this.”, American Nurses Association published author, nurse educator, and national speaker. You excelled in nursing school… maybe you even worked in med-surg, the ED, step-down, or another nursing specialty. Try Breakthrough ICU for an entire 30-days, risk-free. This content is crafted to contain just the right amount of detail to empower you to take safe, thorough, efficient care of your patient while not going overboard and explaining every detail under the sun until we are all so overwhelmed, we just want to quit. You don’t know all the answers… you don’t know every single intricate detail of how things flow in this new environment…. No awkward conversation requiring you to explain anything. real with my co workers, the exercises on report, and the self working alongside my colleagues and providers.". There was a lot of content that I didn't know and found the different video samples to be very handy in configuring the way I give handoff report. Your ICU course is saving my life right now! While we might have learned something in nursing school, unless we started using it daily right away – chances are we don’t remember it well… certainly not well enough to apply it, and most certainly not well enough to recall it in the midst of an intense situation. Log in with your email. A crash course for new ICU nurses. I know hearing from fellow nurses helps as well, so here are some testimonials from my other courses: “As a veteran nurse who hasn't specifically worked a cardiac floor in years, this course was so refreshing and informative! It targets especially new nurses coming into the ICU. Everything is actionable, tangible, and practical, It’ll teach you both clinically important things as well as relational and social sides of working on a team in such an intense environment, You don’t have to have any clinical experience prior to taking this course, You don’t have to fake it til’ you make it, or struggle through orientation, The goal isn’t merely to transfer information to you, it’s to actually have this education change the way you care for your patients and yourself – truly, experiential learning at its best, You can familiarize yourself with the unknown at home so when you encounter it at the bedside, you’ll know what to expect and the right questions to ask, and really wow your preceptor, We’ll gauge your expectations appropriately, so you’re not chasing perfection with each shift – rather striving for improvement, knowing you’re well on your way to becoming the nurse you’ve always envisioned you’d become, It must be requested and issued within 30 days of purchase (please allow 2-3 business days for processing refunds), Less than 50% of the course has been completed, You have not claimed the continuing education credits, “What to do when the charge nurse ignores you?”, “Different oxygen delivery options in ICU.”.
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