Eat the raspberries. Sam. Left alone, your entire garden may in time become one big raspberry patch. 1 0. Then, dig out the roots, so they don't sprout.) These are called suckers. Leslie Henson Posts: 2. Kokopelli. Here’s how: When I transplanted mine, I had prepared a bed with composted manure a year earlier, allowing it time to meld with the garden soil. While many berries and fruits can be essentially left to their own devices once established, raspberries need regular thinning and maintenance. Propagating Wild Raspberry Bushes . The safest way is to dig them out. A handful of ripe raspberry fruits in summer is a tasty reward for your care of raspberry bushes (Rubus spp.) They can be dug up and used to start new raspberry bushes. I like to water the hole deeply before planting as well. 1 decade ago. 1 decade ago. Transplanting raspberry bushes. What started out as my fun little project has become an overwelming endevour! We're not going far, just to a "60's modern" house I fell in love with, but needed alot of work. 1 0. These often grow 2-3 feet away from the original plant and outside the hedgerow or hill. Dig a hole approximately 18-inches wide by 12-inches deep and set soil aside for reuse. Or, set them on fire (burn them). While growing your raspberries, you may notice a little raspberry plant popping out of the ground some distance away from the mother plant. The roots of a healthy raspberry bush send out suckers that become new plants. Moving Raspberry Bushes. We're almost done though, carpet is being laid on Friday. Why kill the raspberry bushes? Melissa April 2017 in Fruit & veg. About Raspberry Growth. ... Summer fruiting have the fruited stems cut out after fruiting, leaving the current year's growth to fruit next year. I need to transplant my raspberry bushes, and I understand there is a certain time of the year to do this. (I oppose "chemicals" - we're poisoning the earth with them.) Thanks for the input regarding the raspberry bushes. Lv 7. Asked September 2, 2013, 1:12 AM EDT. I recently found out that I will be moving away from the home I have had for 25 years; I have raspberries that were given to me by my mother, and they were given to her by my grandmother before I was born. Raspberries require a bit more maintenance than blueberries, strawberries, or other fruiting bushes. These new sucker plants can safely be separated from the roots and become a thriving fruit-producing bush on its own. Best Time to Transplant.
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