Demonstrate leadership skills managing a team in healthcare practice Tutors will choose a topic based on a theme and selection of topics provided by Pearson (this will change annually). By the end of this unit students will be able to: The unit investigates the importance of good employee relations and the ways in which employers engage with their staff and possibly with trade unions. Examine the factors that influence hospitality consumer behaviour and attitudes 2. With globalisation comes a globalised economy and transnational organisations Start your outstanding journey. advance local needs. 3. 3 Communicate the outcomes of a research project to identified stakeholders. The holistic approach to assessing legislation, guidelines and expectations regarding conduct of professionals and Staff and service users should be It is 4 Review own leadership and mentoring practice in a care environment. By the end of this unit a student will be able to: 4. Review own leadership and mentoring practice in a care environment. resource needs and the potential impact of their idea on developing community 4. Utilising the principles and practice of coproduction will support students to develop needs within different settings. Students will investigate the criteria required to run and manage a safe and secure event, both in terms of the physical venue and dealing with situations that might occur. reflect on their own and others’ daily practice and improve students’ own practice Reflective practice is used throughout the healthcare profession as a means to the practicalities of service organisation and delivery in an increasingly complex and The unit will enable students to develop their confidence and individual but wider populations as well. and demographic shifts. environmental factors. organisation and delivery 3. Discuss the role of partnership working across health, care and support Understanding what kinds of activities 4 Reflect upon the challenges of promoting person-centred service provision for Investigate the impacts of digital technology in customer relationship management The aim of this unit is to enable students to appreciate and apply principles of effective Human Resource Management (HRM). Explain the importance of coordinating and integrating various functions of departments within the hospitality sector. *Please refer to the accompanying Pearson-set Assignment Guide and Theme and Topic Release document for further support and guidance on the delivery of the Pearson-set unit. stability and reducing inequalities between citizens e.g. The aim of this unit is to help students understand the difference between the Working in health and social care provides unique opportunities for practitioners to support employment opportunities in the healthcare sector and progress into Students will develop a plan that illustrates budgets, human and physical 1. that impact on local community development and supports them in how to make Creating memories and joyous experiences for consumers is a key dimension affecting the profitability and growth of any hospitality organisation. relevance to the sector. They will be able to use this knowledge to make an immediate and positive contribution in the workplace, whether that role is as part of a team or as a team leader. 4. To be able to be an effective operational manager this unit will develop students’ This unit supports students’ progress in employment in Finally, students will quality improvement. service delivery in local areas. They will also be able to understand and apply methods used to Global processes have an impact on local learning from this and other units on an ongoing basis. Evaluate the role of the Front Office department within various accommodation organisations
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