Cherries of the Rio Grande are easy to grow, requiring relatively little maintenance for … I know there is a nursery in Ca , called papaya tree nursery, and they sell grafted cherry o rio grandes for $89.00 for a 3 gal I believe. It is very attractive, especially when in bloom. Cherry of the Rio Grande, Cere Jodo Rio Grande Origin: Brazil. Fertilise with dynamic lifter, apply potash late Winter, mulch well. These trees can grow up to 10 meters tall. The smooth, glossy, dark green leaves are narrow elliptic, 21/2 to 3 inches long and are borne on short, grooved petioles. This small multi-branching tree or shrub grows about 10-20 ft tall. As the tree gets older the bark peels off, resulting in a smooth and very attractive trunk. Makes good wine and fruit puddings. Needs decent watering until established. Cherry of the Rio Grande comes from the South of Brazil (Zones 9-10) in semi-deciduous forests where organic matter and mulch helps. I almost got one, but couldn't bring myself to pay for shipping as well. Growing Cherry of the Rio Grande: Eugenia involucrata Botanical Overview A member of the Myrtle family (Myrtaceae), the Eugenia genus contains over 1000 species worldwide including several with edible fruit. The Cherry of the Rio Grande is a shrub which commonly grows to about 15 feet. i asked if you've seen any grafted rio grande cherries because I remember u uploaded some pics of a few unique and nice looking grafts. | David White - Newcastle, NSW 28-May-2006 Cherry of Rio Grande It is a very beautiful small evergreen tree, 20 - 25 feet in height, with dark green, glossy, waxy leaves. partial sun to full sun. The Cherry of the Rio Grande, Eugenia aggregata, is a native of Brazil and grows quite well in South East Queensland, George has one in his backyard that is 5m high.It is a small evergreen tree, 4-5 meters in height, with dark green, glossy, waxy leaves very similar in appearance to other eugenia species such as brazilian cherry (E. uniflora) and grumichama (E. brasiliensis). The Cherry of the Rio Grande, Eugenia aggregata, is native to Brazil and grows quite well in south Florida. They are generally planted in native soil in Brazil, but since you put amendments it, it is likely working to build root structure. Tough, reasonably fast, productive and ornamental. The Cherry of the Rio Grande by Gene Joyner, Extension Agent I IFAS Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service. Leaves are 2-3" long, glossy, waxy, dark green, and somewhat folded down the center. Cherry of Rio Grande Great value little tree. Delicious fruit. The Cherry of the Rio Grande (Eugenia aggregata) is an evergreen shrub native to Brazil which bears small fruits that are dark red to purple in color and have a sweet cherry-like flavor.
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